Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Next Dr. visit

Our next visit is Wednesday, December 21. I will update you after that visit. Continue to pray and believe for healing in Kirby!

Friday, December 9, 2011


I want to thank you all for your kind words, inspiring stories, scriptures, prayers. articles, love, support, and devotions that you have shared over the past week or so. We continue to have such peace and know God is in control. The responses have been overwhelming and I have not been able to return all the emails, calls, messages, etc., but please know I have read them all, printed them off and keep them close at heart. Continue to believe with us as we believe and step out in faith that God is going to heal baby Kirby.

She now has a middle name.....Kirby Faith Bradley...what better middle name could we possibly give her.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby reveal

20 Week Ultrasound

20 week ultrasound

A Journey of Faith

What a journey this week has turned out to be. I wanted to share with all of you how my life and my husbands’ life have changed dramatically in the last few days. On Monday, November 28, we were scheduled for a follow up ultrasound from our visit on Nov. 22. We went with the knowledge that they were not able to get all the views of the heart so we needed to have another ultrasound. We arrived at Maternal Fetal Medicine Monday with just that knowledge. Little did we know how God was about to change our lives. During the ultrasound, the tech continued to have difficulties finding all the views of the heart. Another tech was called in to take a look as well. At this point, I began to fear and knew something wasn’t quite right. The tears began to pour as the Dr. was called in to take a look for himself. The Dr. proceeded to explain what he was seeing which appeared to be a severe heart mal-formation in baby “Kirby”. The mal-formation is diagnosed as Atrioventricular Septal Defect-complete. We are told that this condition is basically a hole or separation in the wall that separates 2 of the chambers of the heart causing a problem in the way blood flows through the heart….this is all put in my terms b/c some of the anatomy is above my vocabulary. Ha. The Dr. told us this will not heal itself or grow closed and will require multiple open heart surgeries after birth. As a woman and future mother, I immediately don’t understand why this is happening to me and my emotions get the best of me. Thank God for a strong Christian husband. He immediately had a different view…….what an opportunity for a miracle to happen and for God to get the glory. We spent about 3 hours with what turned out to be a Christian Dr. to answer all of our questions, explain the process, listen to our concerns, etc. This is going to be process that will involve visits to Charleston before and after birth, meeting with pediatric cardiologist, monthly and weekly visits to 2 different OB/GYN’s, close monitoring, etc.
With all that said…… we know our God is greater than this diagnosis. We have cried, talked, prayed, etc. and we know that God has a plan in all of this….whether it is for us or for someone around us. I want to ask that you pray with us as we believe God is going to heal our baby girl. We are believing for complete healing and wholeness of her heart. We are also believing that God will use us and this journey for his glory. I know there will be times that will be difficult. I know in my heart everything is going to be fine with God on my side. We have felt such peace with this situation and am excited to see where we are going on this journey.
So, at this point, we begin a journey with God. A journey of extreme faith and a journey that will no doubt change our lives forever. Please join us in praying for baby “Kirby”.