Friday, November 9, 2012

Bump part 2

Since the last update, there have been some changes. After a closer look at Kirby's resent echos and because of the increased swelling, they became more concerned about the valve. They decided to look closer and some comparisons and it looks like there is a clot in a vein going into her Glen (her second stage surgery) as well as some possible clotting causing the valve to not open as effectively. So...they are giving an 8 hour drip through iv of a clot dissolving med. This should take care of the clot and the valve issue so blood can flow more freely. The risk of this med is the dissolving of clots that are good where an iv line was removed or surgical incisions, etc. and bleeding risks. We know God is in complete control and has her right in His hands. Continue to join us in prayer.


  1. Praying specifically for those clots!! Praying for God's grace to be tangibly present for you today. I can't imagine how weary you are-- yet I know HIS GRACE is sufficient and HIS POWER is being mainfest and perfected in your weakness. Know that your sweet girl is loved and prayed for!
    In HIM,

  2. Praying for your family. You have truly been an inspiration to us all. May HE continue to be glorified through this all.

    Linn and Amy Pitts
    Baby Jonah