Monday, January 2, 2012

Update has been a while since the last update. It has been a super busy Christmas/Christmas break and I haven't sat down to write but here is an update since the last Dr. visit. We met with the pediatric cardiologist on Dec. 21. After another lengthy in-depth ultrasound, the Dr. basically confirmed what the previous Dr. observed. Kirby has an unbalanced (meaning that one side of the heart is smaller than the other vs both sides of the heart equal in size) Atrioventricular Septal Defect-complete along with possibly a Double Outlet Right Ventricle. This is news that we were already aware of so it was much easier to take this time....along with knowing God is in complete control. The Dr. gave us more information on surgeries and what to expect before, during and after Kirby is born. We continue to be at such peace with all of this and know that God is working. We are already seeing God work in our lives as well as the lives of others. It is amazing the support, the stories, the encouragement we have received over the past few weeks. Continue to keep us and baby Kirby in your prayers b/c we know it is working. Continue to believe with us for complete, total healing with no abnomalities or defects. May God use us in this situation to let his glory shine. Josh did ask the Dr. if he has ever seen this correct itself and the Dr. said "no"...... and something along the lines of it would have to be divine intervention....and God is still in the miracle working business! Thank you Lord that your word is the same yesterday, today and forever.....and that by your stripes we are healed.

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  1. Little Miss Kirby Faith is so fortunate to have such loving, God fearing parents! God is still in the miracle business and we believe that. I will always consider you, Ashley, like another one of "mine" as we spent a lot of time together. We will pray diligently for you, Josh, Kirby and the rest of your family not only for complete healing, but for strength and that "peace that passeth all understanding". I truly believe God has a purpose and you are so blessed to be close enough to Him to know that. We all know Divine Intervention is not just a statement; it is a possibility! We love you all! Carla Weaver