Monday, January 23, 2012

28 weeks!

Josh and I made another visit to Maternal Fetal Medicine on January 18th in which we met with the pediatric cardiologist again for an in-depth ultrasound/echocardiogram of Kirby’s heart. The news was again basically the same. He continues to be confident that the heart defect is an unbalanced Atrioventricular Septal Defect-complete. During the previous visit, he explained 2 different surgery options. The surgeries would depend on how the left side of the heart grows in comparison to the right side over the next weeks of pregnancy. So…. during this visit he proceeds to tell us the particular surgery he is leaning towards. Apparently he is seeing little growth of the left side of the heart meaning it is significantly smaller than the right side. The surgery would involve (in my words) rerouting the arteries and veins from the left side of the heart to the right side and to the lungs. He also proceeds to tell us that this surgery would need to be done within the first week or so after she is born….as compared to 3-6 months after birth for the other surgery. This would also involve delivery in Charleston and staying for surgery. With that said, he wants to get a second opinion from the surgeons in Charleston at MUSC to see what they recommend. We are scheduled to meet with MUSC on February 9th with the pediatric cardiology and the OB/GYN. They feel confident that we will have answers and a plan when we leave that day.
So…there are the logistics and the medical findings, however, we continue to believe our God is greater and will heal Kirby. The sermon at church was awesome this week and helped us know we are on the right track. Pastor Tony spoke on prayer and what really stuck out to me was praying God’s word. Josh and I have been doing that since the beginning of this diagnosis. We continue to remind God of what his word says…. “by Your stripes I am healed”, “You come with healing in your wings”, “nothing is impossible with God”, Isaiah 43, etc. etc. We have faith to believe His word and faith to know that He will heal Kirby. We also continue to thank Him in advance daily for His healing. Continue to lift Kirby up in your prayers. We are so excited to meet her and are anxious for her arrival........less than 12 weeks to go! We are encouraged by your support and words of encouragement that we receive daily.

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  1. Ashley,
    I dont know you but your friend Angela works at ScanSource and asked us to pray for you and your child. I can see that in your blog you are strong Christian woman as I am myself. I am praying for you and your sweet little baby Kirby. I lift you two up to him and he will take care of you. God performs miracles and he will hear the prayers. I have passed on your story to all of my friends and family and we will pray for your strength and God's healing. God Bless.
    Ashley Turner