Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big week!

Kirby has had a great week. She has continued to improve this week and to quote the dr.... "we are amazed at how well she has done this week". We are not at all amazed because we serve a mighty God. I get the impression the Drs. really didn't have much hope for our sweet baby girl. God has been so good in letting us see the miracles that have taken place each day. I am not sure that people really understand the miracle that Kirby is. She has fought through many hardships over the last few weeks that without God's healing power....she may not have made it through. So, yesterday Kirby was taken off the ventilator after 5 weeks of being on it. They did CPAP trials for several days and decided she was ready. She had a great day with the exception of a reaction to the steroid that they gave her which caused a rash all over her back. She was very aggitated with this and more than likely aggitated with the discomfort in her throat from the irritation of the ventilator tube for 5 weeks. They were pleased with everything until last night and her evening blood draw that showed that her blood gases were a little off. They did not want to re-intubate but rather to let her try to work through it. She has done okay so far and they are just continuing to keep a close watch on it. She gets a little aggitated when she wakes up at times. I just want to pick her up and hold her......but I can't just yet....hopefully this week though. The Respiratory Therapists have been doing some treatments to help with her lungs and will continue to do so throughout the day. Continue to believe for strength and healing of her lungs. It is so good to see her sweet face without all the white tape. Here are a few pics from the last week or so. Enjoy!

Don't I look comfy!!!
No more white tape on my face. First picture without the ventilator!

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