Monday, May 7, 2012


It has been a week since I updated...sorry for the delay. It has been a week of ups and downs, good days, steady days and some setbacks. Kirby seems to keep us on our toes. After they closed her chest we had a few unsteady days getting her vitals and stats to stay stabilized. There's so much I could go into with that but we would be here all day. They check blood pressure, blood gases, oxygen levels, etc. etc. we finally had several good days with great decreases in meds and decreases in the ventilator. We felt like we were finally over the hump until yesterday morning. Her blood gases seemed to be significantly unstable and they had to increase blood pressure meds and increases ventilator support and add a machine that gives her nitrogen to relax her lungs. So...we took several steps back. They also decided to do a CT scan to determine if there was a problem with the shunt that was placed during surgery or to see if there were any other problems. They found some narrowing of the pulmonary artery where the shunt was placed but not significant narrowing. They also determined that there was some fluid around the lungs. They let her settle down and rest overnight as they determined what to do next. This morning they decided to wheen some ventilator support and the nitrogen machine and this has been successful so far. They also went in to place a chest tube to drain the fluids around the lungs. They were able to manually drain some fluid as they went in. So at this point, we will wait to see if that helps with her blood gases. Continue to pray for complete healing and strength for us and Kirby. God is good and continues to be faithful to his promises.

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