Saturday, June 9, 2012

24 hours

24 hours off the ventilator and doing great! They took Kirby off the vent yesterday and she is doing really good. She is breathing good and resting well. She is showing us that she has some lungs....her little hoarse voice is going to be so loud in a few days, but I can't wait to hear that voice. Continue to pray for strength and is working!


  1. Praising God for answered prayers--- also continuing to pray for strength healing each day! Way to go Kirby--- WAY TO GO GOD. :)

    In HIM---
    Jennifer Scruggs
    (friend of Tina Bentley and The Cantrells)

  2. Praise the Lord for this HUGE blessing! Amazing, simply amazing! Miraculous.... thank you Lord.
    Tina B.