Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big move!

Moving on up! We have graduated to a room in the childrens hospital. It is in the peds cardiac unit and I can stay with her. Kirby is still on her oxygen but not longer on the vapotherm which is a much lighter line to move around. Kirby has been doing really good and is good and stable with her vitals and her oxygen saturations. We no longer have a monitor to see her stats but the nurses station monitors her continuously. This is a big change for us. We are used to staring at a monitor all day. This makes us look at Kirby and monitor her rather than relying on the monitor.

My first night with her was rough and I slept none with the noisy neighbors and getting used to the nurses coming in and out all night. Last night was much better and I did sleep some. Josh stayed with Kirby for a while today and I got to go back to the Ronald McDonald house and take a nap. Whew...I needed that. Kirby slept all night with just a few squirms when they came in to mess with her but was easily consoled and went right back to sleep. Thank you Lord!

The plan from the doctors stand point is that she will stay here until her next surgery which they will do early...when she is around 11-12 lbs. This would probably be within the next 6 weeks or so depending on how fast she grows. They will also repair the leaking valve at that time. This is if God doesn't have other plans. We continue to give Him full control and trust in Him completely. Thank you Lord for continued to progress in Kirby. May you receive all the glory!

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  1. Ashley, I am so thankful to hear that Kirby has moved to 8D... that is a big step!! Will continue to pray for y'all!!! Keep your chin up, God is good and in control. BTW, it looks like you've cut your hair, it looks good :)