Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, April 5th

Kirby has several good days and has been stable and steady. They proceeded with the cath lab this morning to do an evaluation of the valves, arteries, etc. They wanted to get a good look at everything to see if there was anything that could be repaired (by ballooning or by using a stint). Everything looked good as far as that goes and the blood flow through the arteries is good. They did see that the tricuspid valve is leaking pretty significantly. This is causing back flow of blood into the lungs, etc. The plan is to let her rest and continue to wheen the ventilator through the weekend and see if she can be successful with that. They mentioned doing a surgery to repair the valve next week depending on how the weekend goes. This is a risky surgery. We are continuing to stand firm that God is greater and for healing in her body. Continue to pray for the leaking valve to stop and for successful wheening of the ventilator.

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