Wednesday, October 24, 2012

God is Good!

After a VERY long day Kirby came out of surgery last night around 10:00. We were surrounded with around 15-20 family members and friends in the waiting room all day to support us and Kirby during this difficult day. Kirby went through the most difficult surgery so far specifically with how sick she was going in. The team actually questioned doing the surgery once they got to the OR bc her stats were so low..... But knew this was the only option at that point. It again took several hours to get through scar tissue, took some difficulty greeting on the heart lung bypass, and then the difficult procedure itself. We got continuous hourly updates from the OR which contained positive messages that she was stable the entire time. Praise God. Once the procedure was finished it took several hours to get the bleeding to stop. We were warned that she was coming out of the OR very sick and unstable. When we got this report we came together and prayed as a group and once we got the final call....things had improved. Dr K came out and was very concerned about her state at that point. They did a mechanical valve replacement, place several chest tubes, scraped scar tissue from around the lungs to drain fluid, the left lung was partially collapsed, she had not "peed" in days but began peeing during the surgery despite renal failure, etc. Lots went on during the day. Kirby had a good stable night and improved. She had a great restful day. The Dr was very pleased today. Kirby has a long way to go so keep praying. God hears our cries.

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