Friday, October 26, 2012

Post-Op Day 3

Kirby continues to amaze Drs. And nurses with how well she is doing. We have been amazed at God's goodness through this journey....the support, prayers, encouragement, visits, etc. have been amazing. Kirby had a good night and a good day so far. Although she has an open chest and many many lines attached to her, she is doing great. They have weaned all blood pressure medicines except one, which is only a small amount. She is still sedated and on lots of pain meds. The ventilator has been weaned a good bit and her swelling is pretty much gone.....amazing considering how swollen she was before surgery. She continues to "pee" in excess getting off all of the extra fluids.  The plan is to close her chest tomorrow and then the next step will be weaning the ventilator. The X-ray of her lungs looks good also. Thank you all again for your continued prayers. She truly is a miracle!

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