Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Roller coaster

Well since last Wednesday we have continued the roller coaster ride that we are so ready to get off of. Kirby stayed in ICU overnight.ht last Wednesday after putting in a chest tube to drain the fluid from the right side. She had a good night so they sent us back up to the room Thursday morning. Kirby seemed to be feeling better by Friday evening and began to give us that sweet smile again. She continued to smile and laugh throughout the day on Saturday. Sunday she didn't seem to feel good and seemed more tired. During Friday night, she seemed to be working harder to breath and her o2 sats were on the lower side. They did an X-ray and an echo and it appeared that there was some fluid build up around the left lung which was causing some difficulty breathing. They decided to take her to the ICU again to monitor her and decide whether or not to put in another chest tube, this time in the left side. They were not able to put in a chest tube bc of where the fluid is located and bc it is a smaller amount of fluid o they are working on getting the fluid off using diuretics. Kirby was very content and smiling this morning and looks better. The X-ray during the night showed less fluid so hopefully this means the diuretics are working. They have currently taken her back to re-wire or redo her PICC line bc it will no longer work to draw blood from. So...right now we are waiting on the fluid build up to diminish so we can get her healthy and home. We have had several days of being frustrated and discouraged but have been refreshed by some encouraging words and songs. We stand on God's word that Kirby is healed. Also James 1:1-18 are what we choose to believe each day. He is stretching our faith and preparing us for a great journey. Josh is also reading a book called "The Circle Maker". Such an encouraging book. I have started it but am not as far as he is. Keep lifting Kirby up in your prayers.

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  1. Continuing to pray for Kirby as well as you and Josh...Cheri Wofford