Sunday, October 21, 2012


Kirby continues to be in ICU. Since the last update Kirby has retained a lot of fluid in and around her lungs. Thursday morning they attempted for 3 hours to place a chest tube on the left side. She had fluid around the lungs in a place that is difficult to get to and where scar tissue is, causing the fluid to form in different pockets around the lungs. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to get to all the pockets. They decided to put the ventilator in so they could sedate her really well to try again with the chest tube. Dr. K tried for 2 hours that evening to place a chest tube. They did leave 2 tubes in and they have drained some, but not a lot. They took the ventilator out Friday afternoon but Kirby struggled with breathing and was very uncomfortable. They were not able to feed her bc of her struggle to breathe, they couldn't give her morphine bc it interferes with her respiratory drive and they couldn't give oxy bc she hadn't eaten and it can upset their stomach. So...they decided the best thing was to put the ventilator back in so they could feed, sedate, and let her rest and get stronger. The X-rays have looked better but Kirby's swelling has not decreased. She is very swollen. She continues to have major fluid build up that can only be explained by her leaking heart valve. They have explained it to us but there is no way I could explain it here in writing. Saturday was a rough day for Kirby. She seemed to be struggling breathing, her blood gases were not good, her oxygen levels were low, and she was not "peeing". So....we did what we knew to do and that was PRAY and intercede. Soon after Kirby's sats improved and she began "peeing". God hears our cries. She had a good night and things improved overnight. Prayer works so keep Kirby lifted up in your prayers continually. She is still fluid overloaded. We will be talking to the drs tomorrow so I will update.


  1. Praying fervently for your sweet girl! Praying for miracle amounts of fluid to come off of her, and for improved function of her heart valve. Praying God's peace that passes all understanding to guard your hearts and minds, and for restorative, healing rest for all three of you!
    In HIM-
    Jennifer Scruggs

  2. Just heard about the upcoming surgery--- PRAYING! Just wanted you to know your sweet girl was being lifted up to the Father today.

    In HIM---- Jennifer Scruggs