Friday, September 7, 2012

A Fiesty One

We have a fiesty one on our hands. They have taken Kirby off of her paralytic and she is swatting and kicking. She is not happy with these tubes. Her eyes are still closed and her chest is open but she is letting us know she doesnt like it. They have had to tie her hands down and give her some more sedation. :(  The plan is to close her chest tomorrow. The dr wants to get some more of the swelling down and the fluids out of her body before they close her chest. They have weaned the ventilator some more and are pleased with her progress. They are planning to start introducing some small amounts of milk in her belly today. Her stats are good including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturations, and temps. Happy Friday to all!


  1. Awesome news, Ashley! Glad to hear that her stats are good and the vent settings are being lowered - I know all of this good progress now will impact her recovery time over the next few weeks; I also am sure that y'all are anxious to bring her home. We will continue to pray for steady, healthy progress. And more, that in the next couple of days you get to see that stunning smile again! love to you all!

  2. Great News!!! Prayers for Team Kirby!!! Can't wait to meet her. Let me know if I can do anything. Debi