Thursday, September 27, 2012

R and R

Kirby has continued to settle out and improve over the past few days. She is definitely not as fussy...really not fussy at all unless someone comes to mess with her. The oxygen was turned off yesterday morning and has remained off since. She went down for an upper GI study yesterday which is basically prep for the possibility of getting a G-tube. The drs. want to go this route to avoid the risk of aspiration since she has never eaten by mouth. This will be used until she is able to learn to eat and drink by mouth. She is going down today for a swallow study (Modified Barium Swallow) to look at her ability to suck and swallow. This will give us an idea what she can and cannot tolerate by mouth so we can continue to work with her on eating and drinking. Kirby has shown great interest in the baby food and formula she has been given so far, so, that is a positive sign. She actually LOVES it!
In the mean time....I have been kicked out and sent home for a few days. Ha! My mom and aunt have gone down to be with Kirby and made me come home for some R and R. After talking with the nurses and with mom, they insist that I do that. So, after battling with feeling like a bad mom for leaving my child, feeling guilty for putting the responsibility on someone else, feeling sad to leave Kirby, etc. etc., I decided to go. So, I am home for a few days to get some R and R. When I have come home in the past it has been quick and for a specific purpose and right back to Charleston when I finished with what I had to do. This time it is for no purpose other than refreshing my mind and body. I think it is hard for anyone to understand what those 4 walls of that room drain out of you and nearly 6 months of it, they begin to close in on you. Josh and I have been drained lately and the roller coaster of emotions have been hard. This break will most definitely refresh us for the weeks ahead. With that all that said...I am enjoying my coffee on the back porch, reading "Jesus Calling" and enjoying the fresh Fall air! I cooked dinner last night, washed a load of clothes, washed dishes, enjoyed a few season premiers of our favorite shows, showered in my own shower (AAHHHH that was great compared to the hospital shower) and cuddled in my own bed. Oh the little things I never thought I would enjoy so much (cooking, washing dishes, laundry in my own washing machine, ha). Continue to pray for healing and strength as we endure a few more weeks. Love to all!
Oh yeah...I don't usually spell check or or grammar check so sorry if I look extremely un-educated at times. Ha1
Here are a few pics from the last few weeks:

Colt came to visit! He loved reading Kirby some books.

Kirby's first taste of baby food! Peaches!

Trying to get a smile....unsuccessful. :(
Happy Fall!
Daddy lovin' time


No oxygen and no tape all over my face!

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  1. Kirby is so beautiful and such a blessing from God. You all are amazing and strong and I admire your strength through all of this.