Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Since Saturday we have had ups, downs and all arounds. Kirby was extremely fussy Sunday and Monday. Nothing seemed to pacify her and she just didn't appear to feel good. We keep thinking she is teething so that makes her feel bad but not sure what is wrong exactly...could be just adjusting from the surgery. Monday mid morning Kirby's sats began dropping and they had to turn her oxygen back on after being off for 2 days. They still didn't improve so they turned the oxygen up more and did an X-ray. The X-ray showed fluid in the lungs which explains the drop in sats. So...they restarted one of her diuretics and by Tuesday morning the lungs were pretty much cleared up. Today has been a better day and they were able to turn the oxygen back down but not off yet. She was not fussy but not her sweet smiley self yet....we are getting there. She likes to be left alone so we just have to do that most of the time. I guess if I had been through what she has I would want to be left alone too. Something fun happened today...Kirby got her first taste of baby food and she seemed to really like it. They are beginning to introduce her to some tastes to see how she does. So right now the plan is to continue compressing her feeds and work on oral strengthening and oral training, work on weaning oxygen, and meds. We are continuing to but this situation in God's hands and believe for healing and strength. I will try to get some pics uploaded soon.

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