Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slow and Steady

So I again apologize for the delay in posting. We have been in our room now for almost a week. The first few days were rough dealing with the fussiness due to the milk protein allergy and her being miserable bc of that. They decided to give her a days rest from feeding and restarted her feeds the next day. .....and we prayed hard. They restarted the feeds and her belly has been fine since. They haven't they have tweaked a few things but Kirby again has shown us that slow and steady wins this race. She still has her chest tube and it has been draining until the last 24 hours. We had a little scare that we were going to have to go back to ICU to put in another chest tube on the other side but thank the Lord the fluid on that side diminished. Our hope is that the chest tube can come out in the next few days which will hopefully give her some relief and comfort. We are still limited with how much she can be moved around. They are beginning to compress her feeds giving her bolus amounts as compared to continuous feeds. Continue to keep us in your prayers. The days get long here and we can grow weary at times. We miss home and are ready to bring Kirby home.

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  1. I know you long for the day you can bring your sweet sweet Kirby home! Those days are incredibly long at MUSC, the nights are longer, and I know you are weary. You are strong. You are a terrific Heart Mom and Kirby is so blessed to have you for a Mommy. Continue to call out to the Lord on those long hard days. We are continuing to pray for you here and can't wait until we can rejoice with you when you finally get to bring your sweet baby home!
    Much love,
    Tina B.
    Mom to Anna Grace (HRHS)