Thursday, September 6, 2012


I did not have Wi-Fi last night at the Ronald McDonald house so I wasn't able to
Yesterday was a long day. Kirby has definitely proven to give the Drs. a run for their money. The surgery lasted about 11 hours. Initially getting in to the chest was difficult due to scar tissue. He said that it took 4 hours just to get in the chest and into the heart. He began with the valve repair which took several hours. He stated he had never seen anything like it before. She had an extra "leaflet" and he repaired the valve with every technique he knew and had ever heard of. He then proceeded to do the "Glenn" which is the second stage surgery with Kirby's heart defect. There was some instability with heart pressures and blood pressure along with her heart being enlarged b/c of it working so hard with the leaky valve. So, he decided to leave her chest open to give some time for the swelling to decrease and the pressures to decrease. He plans to close her chest within the next day or so, then they will get her off the ventilator. He feels good about the procedures and the echo's are showing good heart function and definite decreases in the "leaking" valve. Kirby had a good night and they were able to wean down the ventilator support and take her off 2 blood pressure medicines. They plan to let her start waking up slightly today. They tell us that headaches are very common for days after this procedure b/c the body has to adjust to the changes in blood flow and pressures. They call it the "Grouchy Glenn" b/c the babies can be fussy and in pain from the headaches for several days. Kirby is very swollen and puffy....I can't wait to kiss on those sweet cheeks soon and see those bright eyes look me in the eyes and know her mama and daddy are here. 

We could definitely feel the peace of God yesterday through all of your prayers. We are so thankful for family, friends, and friends of friends who have lifted Kirby up in their prayers. We know how good our God is and He is faithful to his promises. Continue to pray for a quick recovery and continued comfort and peace.

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