Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As I type, we just got the first update that Kirby is very stable and they are just getting through the scar tissue from the previous surgery. Everything is good so far.

This morning marks probably the most difficult day of our lives, turning our sweet spirited, smiling, loving, beautiful, almost 5 month old daughter over to the hands of a surgical team to conduct her second stage surgery and a repair of the common valve....a moment we have anxiously waited for....yet dreaded at the same time. Many tears have been shed and many prayers have gone up. We know she is in great hands b/c we put Kirby in God's hands from the beginning and again this morning. We know the peace of God and his presence fills that operating room and God is guiding the hands of everyone involved. She smiled so big this morning as we talked to her and played with her at 5:00 am and rested in our arms as we waited to hand her over. I can't describe the joy that her smile is contagious.

Her surgery was postponed for a third time (was supposed to be yesterday morning September 4th) b/c of another emergency surgery, so we were just bumped one day. All of the postponing has been so frustrating but we have had to remind ourselves that God's plan is bigger and he has a plan that is out of our control.

We have had some great moments with Kirby lately. Her personality if blooming and her smiling will light up a room. She has had a few trips outside, enjoyed her first USC football game, met one of her great grandmothers for the first time, cooed at us, gotten to visit with our family and some of our closest friends etc, etc.

The 8d staff has been remarkable to us during our 2 month + stay and we are so grateful for each of them and their support. They love Kirby too and can't wait to see her out of the ICU and back on the floor to recover and go home.

We love you all and are so thankful for all of your support and prayers. Keep it up. God is good and He will heal baby Kirby!

The faculty of Cherokee Technology Center (my mom's work) supporting Kirby in their team Kirby shirts

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  1. Praying for your sweet girl!
    In HIM-
    Jennifer Scruggs
    (friend of Tina Bentley and Nikki Cantrell)